More About Felix

Like most people, there is an interesting story to Felix’s musical journey.

Felix Owusu

Felix Owusu is a talented musician who has thrilled lovers of the Highlife genre of music for decades. Felix has released several hit songs since the 1990s and has made a lot of waves as an astute musician. Felix has performed and collaborated with some of the big names of Highlife music including Kojo Antwi, Paapa Yankson, and Amakye Dede among others.

Like most people, there is an interesting story to Felix’s musical journey. At a tender age, he had developed a strong passion for music and yearned to become a musician someday. As nature would have it Felix lived close to a band named Osabarima where the pursuit of his musical career began. Although Felix was not given the platform to sing with Osabarima, it gave him the opportunity to learn the rudiments of the trade. It was not until Felix had the privilege to join Alor Band that he actually got the chance to exhibit his singing prowess. Not long after, Felix joined Mag 2 band and spend about a decade with them.

Felix released his first album, Vida in 1992 featuring Oheneba Kissi with Lumba being the producer. The immense success led to several other albums in the ensuing years. In 1996, he released his most successful album yet, “E Show Me” with hit tracks like “Happy Birthday”, “Okwantuni” among others, recorded in London. This made Felix household name while affording him the opportunity to play on big stages with his contemporary bests. Felix has performed in several countries including the UK, Canada as well as the United States.